Take back control of your body


Sometimes it's difficult to notice when you're stressed. Headaches, fatigue and general lethargy. These are all signs that you need to slow down and give something back to your body.


We offer a wide range of personal therapy products and services to help you out.

Treat yourself and friends


"Prevention is better than cure"

Regular alternative therapy can assist in preventing many of today's modern living afflictions.


Sign up for one of our memberships and treat yourself or a friend to regular therapy services that could change the way you live your life.


We work with you to provide a personal 'health charter'. This ensures that you get the right treatment when you need it.

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T H E   A L T E R N A T I V E   T H E R A P Y   C E N T R E

The ATC was established to help deal with many of today's stress related issues.


We recognise that you need to learn how to avoid and deal with such things, rather than just treat them.


Our personal trainers assess your needs and provide you with a course of treatments to sooth and replenish your body.

Download our care pack today!

Y O U   C A N   N O W  B O O K   O N L I N E
Many of our products can now be purchased online through our secure ordering system. Typical delivery is less than 5 days.
P R O D U C T S   T O   S U I T   E V E R Y   O C C A S I O N
The ATC provides a vast array of products from massage oils through to full-body packages. Click below for our full list of treatments and packages.



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